Journals of the Damned Volume 2

By GJ Zukow

Copyright 2012 by GJ Zukow

Smashwords Edition

Journals of the Damned

Volume Two

G. J. Zukow


Confederate States of America

Southern Expeditionary Forces Command

June 17, 2023

With the opening of the Library of these Confederate States, in its goal to become a repository of knowledge, I have acquired these three enclosed journals. These three hand written diaries of the Apocalypse need to be entered into the public records, they are eye witness accounts and they are historically significant. I was there, in Key West, when the first -and only living survivor- of the authors washed up on an outlying sandbar. In the late summer of 2014 we had no idea about the secret of ammonia. As proof of these -at the time- outlandish claims she offered up these journals. While she and the baby she carried were kept in Quarantine, these books, along with discussions with her, led us to believe she was telling the truth. They were passed hand to curious hand in those early days as people wanted to read them for themselves. We knew about the undead. We knew of the crazed carriers. Nobody except for Ms. Kolkowsky had ever seen some of the things she described -and lived to tell of it-.

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