St. Bart’s High:

Clash of the Classes

DS Palmer

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Chapter One: Orientation

In the loosest of terms, success is measured by the ability a person has to rise above conflict. That is, one can be measured as successful if they are able to meet conflict and overcome. An irony may lurk in the pain most people take to avoid conflict and the forfeiture of potential victory. That is, most people covet success, but they refuse to engage the element that surely brings the desired outcome when overcome. That is, most people avoid conflict. A curiosity emerges because conflict pursues one and all on a daily basis. Just leave the house and it is waiting in the streets like a tough though invisible thug in a backed-in car ready to pursue a would-be victim at first sight. Thus the stage is set, and humanity is provided with daily opportunities to find success, yet strives to avoid the situations where success can be all but insured.

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