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When Minds Collide

A Phoenician Series Short Story

by Marjorie F. Baldwin

(c) Copyright 2012-2014 Phoenician Books. All rights reserved.

Can two men co-exist inside one mind? Andrew Caine and Joshua Scherrer can barely co-exist on the same planet but after they're in a fatal car accident together, their only hope for revival is an experimental process that any reasonable scientist would have to be mad to try. Administrator Stafar Baghendi is just mad enough though, and he blends the two men into one. Can they accept their new existence together, or will their minds collide as fatally as the car crash that killed them?

When two brilliant scientists die together in a careless traffic accident, the Community, a fledgling human colony on an alien world, suffers a devastating blow. Joshua Scherrer and Andrew Caine might have loathed each other personally, but their collective knowledge was vital to humanity’s survival on this alien world. It is only Scherrer’s brilliant reprogramming of the machines only Caine can repair that will keep humanity from going extinct on this frontier world.

In a desperate attempt to salvage both men, the Community’s Administrator, Stafar Baghendi, uses an untried and theoretical gene therapy that will infuse the genetically-encoded memory of Andrew Caine onto the DNA of the material from which they can clone a new body for Joshua Scherrer. They have no memory source for Scherrer and no genetic source for Caine. Their survival will be together or not at all.

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