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His Lucky Break

Marc Cabot

Copyright Marc Cabot 2012

Cover Photo © Stmarc @ Unspeakable Dreams, used under license.

Published by Unspeakable Publications at Smashwords

Please enjoy this short story as my gift to you, the readers who make it all possible. If you like it, please have a look at my other titles on this and other fine e-publishing sites. You can find links to all my publishers at

-- Marc

“Yeah, baby! Work it!” Sean Dunston was loving life as the looked through the camera’s viewfinder. Though at 27 he already had a good job as a computer artist, his latest passion was photography. He’d take pictures of anything that struck his fancy, but his preference was models. Ideally young, cute female models - Sean loved glamour photography and often used his photographs as references for beautiful CGI pin-up paintings. Today’s model, who had big blue eyes, long, shiny black hair, pale skin, and a slender body ornamented with some edgy piercings and tattoos, was just his type, too.

The model, who went by the colorful name of “Mata Hari” online, smiled. She was nineteen and fairly new to “Internet Modeling,” but she’d heard it before. This wasn’t as lucrative as “real” modeling, but on the other hand all it required was a pretty face, a body to match, and a willingness to let amateur or aspiring professional photographers take pretty pictures of same. The more money, the fewer clothes, but most “internet models” didn’t actually do porn, and a surprising number of them wouldn’t even discuss nudes.

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