Gusdavis Aughtry

RDU is located between Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina or at least it’s suppose to be. Like all airports, construction is everywhere. I like it as airports go—convenient, efficient and busy. I was the first of the brothers to arrive and felt a kind of satisfaction like I had not known in a while.

Larry, Gary, and Michael were coming through security. We all wanted to gather at the airport before Cal’s plane left for Italy to tell a few war stories as we didn’t know when we’d be together again. I bought us all a coffee. We sat across from the Delta check-in. The airport was the only place that we were sure to find Cal. We laughed. Ever since he was “set free,” as our brother, Larry, called it, the CIA couldn’t find him if he didn’t want to be found. He had called all the brothers a week earlier and told us he was leaving for Italy. We suspected.

To be honest, we were a little nervous. We all hugged and laughed and looked at our feet. Where was the man?

“Oh, he’ll be here”, I said. “I’ve never seen such excitement in a grown man.”

“Yeah, I know. We’re going miss him, even though we hardly see him anymore”

“Think he’ll stay?”

“I think so. Can you believe this?”

“Whose got his passport, what about the ticket?”

“Relax my boy, Cal is the one going to Italy.”

We watched him strolling toward us.

He looked good. Tan, slim, dressed to the nines—Mr. GQ, our brother.

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