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Captain Bloody Bones
by: Drac Von Stoller Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Captain Johnny Bones loved to sail the seven seas with some of the roughest shipmates that ever sailed. Captain Johnny Bones ship was called Bloody Bones because every ship that crossed Captain Johnny Bones path would be hammered with cannon fire and when Captain Johnny Bones got through with the crew there would nothing left but "Bloody Bones"  When Captain Johnny Bones and his shipmates came aboard they stole all the gold aboard and would slit every crew member's throats aboard and watch their juggler vein squirt blood on the other dead bodies they were laid upon.

Just before Captain Johnny Bones and his men would climb aboard their ship Bloody Bones, they would roast the dead men's hearts over their burning bodies and eat their hearts to show that Captain Johnny Bones and his men were the toughest Pirates in the sea.  Very few men in Captain Johnny Bones ship would ever back talk Captain Johnny Bones because if they did they would either walk the plank or have their heads cut off and a rope would be threaded through both ears then tied above their head and the long end of the rope would be tied to the rail and the head would hang a couple of feet along the side of the ship.

When other Pirates dare come along side of Captain Johnny Bone's ship and see all of the severed heads along the side of the ship that was enough to make any pirate ship retreat and head back home.

Captain Johnny Bone's had a big ego and would love to attack any ship in its path friendly or not. Regardless if another pirate ship was nearby it was certain Captain Johnny Bone's would fire upon that ship so there was no avoiding the Bloody Bones ship. Captain Johnny Bones like to let his crew board the enemy ship and completely subdue them and then one of his men would wave a shirt on a stick for Captain Johnny Bones to come aboard and enter the enemies Captains quarters where his men would have the Captain tied to a chair. Captain Johnny Bones would slit the Captains neck then cut the Captains heart out and eat it and while blood was dripping down his mouth shout out to his men and say "Who is the roughest and toughest pirate of the sea." His men would answer "Captain Johnny Bones."  One of Captain Johnny Bone's men shouted out "Captain Johnny Bones why don't you change your name to Captain Bloody Bones because you are the most blood thirsty pirate of them all."  Captain Johnny Bones said "I like it, I like it."

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