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Thirsting for More

By Claire Cray

Copyright 2012 Claire Cray

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Whiskey and cigarettes.


Cal licked his lips and brushed his thumb over the small wounds he’d made in the hipster’s neck, lifting the smear of blood before his own eyes with a faint grimace. There wasn’t much worse than the sour taste of hard liquor. He looked down at the young man lying stripped and breathless below him. “Thought you were a vegan.”

The boy mumbled a dazed nothing, partially opening glazed eyes to peer up at his captor. His slender body was the portrait of submission, the drip from Cal’s fangs having infused his blood with the dazed, desperate lust that made a vampire’s job so much easier.

“Kids today,” Cal muttered, straightening. He sat back on his heels and rolled his neck, ignoring the young man’s moan of dismay. There was still time to go back to the organic grocery store before it closed and grab another. He’d just have to sniff more carefully this time. Damn urban hipsters. They put up a nice, clean front with their natural fiber clothes and local vegetables, but half the time their blood was nastier than anyone’s. In this town all the hot ones seemed to be guzzling whiskey and coffee in between their meals of fresh berries and quinoa or whatever. What a bust.

“Please…” the boy moaned, his slender fingers reaching for Cal’s hips, and he did look very pretty with his dark hair and eyes and his delicate cheekbones. If he wasn’t going to make a good meal, he could still suffice for a quick hump. Cal grasped the boy’s hips and pulled him onto his lap, reaching down to guide his stiff dick between the smooth, pale cheeks. The hipster moaned happily as he was impaled, spreading his thighs as far as they would go.

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