For readers who want to explore dignity as a foundation for interpersonal and international relations, Robert W. Fuller's novel The Rowan Tree is now available as an ebook, a paperback, and an audiobook.

As Arthurian myth sowed seeds of democracy, The Rowan Tree foretells an international culture of dignity. Anchored by two interlocking love stories, this unflinching novel of ideas brims with passionate quests, revelatory failures, and inextinguishable hope.

The Rowan Tree is an inspirational tour de force that reaches from the rebellious American '60s into humanity’s global future. Soul-searching treks around the world intersect with campus revolution, basketball, math, ballet, and a destined rise to the White House. Love runs ahead of politics and lights the way for nations to follow.


To my mother, Willmine Works Fuller, who made me go to Sunday School, and
my father, Calvin Souther Fuller, who modeled the scientific method, and
to my mentor, John Archibald Wheeler, who accorded dignity to all.

Religion and Science: A Beautiful Friendship?

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