Crisis on our streets

Daniel Bowden

Copyright 2012 Daniel Bowden

ISBN: 9781476434285

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“There is a bingeing crisis hitting our towns and cities across the UK. The problem is particularly acute during the weekends and in the evenings, making the high-streets inhospitable and unpleasant places for the average citizen to visit. Binge eating is a major problem for the whole of Britain in this new millennium.”

Overweight person 1:

“It starts off on a Saturday afternoon after doing some shopping in town with a few friends. We begin with the low-cal stuff, like a prawn mayonnaise baguette with a side salad at the local coffee shop. As the day progresses we will move onto the harder stuff. A couple of sausage rolls at the bakers and then steak and chips with a cream gateaux chaser at a restaurant."

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