Schauungtown Chronicles Part 1:The Bible Peddler


Frederick Meekins

Copyright 2004

Smashwords Edition

He silently slipped into the back pew as those gathering for the day’s service quietly talked amongst themselves. Since he had never been here before, most simply ignored him. A few nodded cordially, but did not really pay much attention since they had never seen him before.

Others glanced as they walked by, trying to win a glimpse at the slim black object the visitor held in his hand. They strained their necks in an effort to get a look at what it was, but did not want to appear to be rude to the visitor who was able to keep the object concealed in a polite manner.

Those gathering hurried to their seats as the music began to play. The visitor kept an eye on the bustle around him. He usually didn’t attend these kinds of functions, but his curiosity had gotten the best of him and he just couldn’t resist at least a peak to see for himself how things were being done now. Besides, he might be able to do some good here or at least plant some kind of seed that could germinate into such.

The visitor looked straight ahead to the front of the auditorium. Upon the platform located there he noticed the circular, upright lectern.

It looked like wood, but the visitor knew it was not since few who regularly came here would want to inconvenience a tree in such a manner and would find it appalling to impose upon such a noble creature in such a way. The visitor continued to study the lectern’s deliberate craftsmanship. He could tell from the way light and shadow played off it that it was a multidimensional representation of the sign of peace, the symbol of everything this grand hall claimed to stand for.

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