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This small book is dedicated to the loving memory of Clarence and Mildred Levett. There five Daughters, Sharon Evans, Linda Irons, Peggy Morris, Roxanne Guild, and Paula Dryden. There Grand Children, and Great Grand Children, the love they shared, and the lessons of life the taught us, about ourselves, but more so as a family.

It was the ending of a 76-year legacy as she relaxed tranquilly atop her bed, her head against the unblemished white slip of the pillowcase. She could feel the soft firmness of the pillows against her body, assisting her as she gazed affectionately at her loving daughters, their somber tears cascading down the outer edge of their eyes, pooling around the base of their chins--silent symbols of love, of affection, through the year’s trials they shared as family.

Sighing ever so softly, Mildreth could feel the love and utter sorrow echoing from deep within their eyes.

Rolling her head from atop the pillow, she looked upon her five loving daughters hovering over her like guardian angels as her kind and caring grandchildren wept by their side, clinging to the hands and shoulders of their mothers, trying, as all kids do, to be strong for the ones that were usually strong for them.

It was at this time as her eyes slowly rolled around the room that she realized how loved she really was; for even though there had been issues between the families throughout the year, it was now, when they needed each other the most that they were there as a family.

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