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Are They Quality Exclusive Insurance Leads?
By: Jason Hornung – President
Jason Hornung Agency, Inc.

This question came into my survey recently and I thought it would make sense to address it for all of you reading my blog.

"Are they quality exclusive insurance leads?"

This question really got me thinking that people are seriously confused about what this website is for along with needing some major clarification on how the process works.

So let's start out by getting very clear on one important issue...


This website does not, nor do any of my other sites generate exclusive insurance leads that I sell to other agents.  Again, I do NOT have exclusive insurance leads for sale.

I am a licensed insurance professional, just like you, who has been doing his own marketing online for insurance and other products since 2008.

I have spent well over $100,000 of my own and private client's money testing, tweaking and refining systems to automatically generate leads for insurance by leveraging the internet.

During that time, I have meticulously documented what works and what doesn't work.  And this website is the product of that documentation.

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