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Buying and Selling Small Businesses in the New Economy <Link>

Buying a Small California Business in the New Economy

Selling a Small California Business in the New Economy

Table of Contents

Introduction: What Buyers, Even Sellers of Small Businesses Need to Know In Order to Be Successful In the New Economy.

The marketplace where small and mid-sized businesses are bought and sold has been impacted by the mortgage and banking crises we experienced a few years ago, and the recession that followed. And like other segments of the economy—the stock market, employment market, housing market, factory orders, retail sales and consumer sentiment are examples—the small business market has undergone some fundamental change. What worked in this market in the past may no longer be appropriate. New ways of doing business are needed for success.

Chapter 1. Welcome to the New Economy

The financing function, a major pillar of support for small business sales, has been dramatically altered by the banking crisis. To fund a business purchase now requires understanding the new rules.

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