Her Husband's Brother


Lacy Fairview

Copyright © 2012 Lacy Fairview

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


Somewhere in the depths of the Schaefer's expensive kitchen, Nora's cell phone rang with the special ring tone used only for her husband. She bounded across the room to answer it, her bright red hair flowing behind her with each long-legged step.

“Hey there, I was wondering when you were going to call.”

“Look, Nora, I'm running late. I have a mile long list of things to do and no idea where to start. I'll be home around seven. We'll have to delay our plans a bit longer.”

She frowned at his words. He'd promised her a date night to try to repair their crumbling marriage.

“Okay, sounds good I guess.”

“Oh, have dinner ready when I get home. I'm in the mood for pork, if we don't have any, just run to the store and grab some.”

“Yeah, no problem.” She lied as her insides twisted into knots.

“Great. See you at seven. Hey, if you want, dress up and wear something sexy. Maybe we can fool around a bit tonight.”

“I'll see what I can do.” The call ended and Nora slammed her phone down on the counter. “Dick.”

The doorbell rang and her fists balled-up in frustration. The last thing she wanted to do was entertain guests.

She opened the door and standing on her porch was the most handsome man she'd ever had the pleasure to meet, her brother-in-law, Tom.

His pale blue eyes scanned her body, hovering for seconds too long on her perk breasts. He diverted his gaze back to her face and a slight blush took over his cheeks.

“Wow, married life has been very kind to you.” He smiled at her and rustled his messy dark hair. “You look amazing.”

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