Wyoming Welcome

Kellie Granier

Copyright Kellie Granier, 2012

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Jeremy ran to Wyoming to catch his breath and leave his troubles behind for a few weeks. On the first night there, he stumbles over a bonfire and crosses paths with Grady, a cowboy who knows exactly what he wants. The two excuse themselves from the fire, their passion ignited as soon as they touch, both of them in danger of raging out of control.


Grady had a trailer in the park on the edge of town. He gestured vaguely as they stepped through the door, indicating Jeremy should make himself home. He sank into the comfortable couch and looked around, taking in the full details of his new environment. He saw the man in a million little details, and he found himself touched to be invited back to his sanctuary. This wasn't just a place he bedded down when he was in town. Only a counter separated the kitchen from the living room, and his eyes came to a rest on Grady's back as he fished two cold beers from the fridge.

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