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Patricia Watters

Book 4: Uncertain Loyalties

Book 5: Becoming Jesse's Father

Book 6 Bittersweet Return

BOOK 4: UNCERTAIN LOYALTIES: All her life Sophie was told that modesty was a virtue and sex before marriage was wrong, so when she learns that her step-mother slept her way up the corporate ladder before marrying her father, Sophie’s so angry and disillusioned she shows up unexpectedly at the Dancing Moon Ranch to vent to her lifelong friend, Rick Hansen. Rick too is disillusioned. Sophie’s changed from the woman he’d grown to love over the years, and even envisioned marrying. In fact, she's so mad, she rebels against everything that’s been instilled in her, even tries to have sex with Rick. But he wants no part of it. Although he doesn’t want the woman Sophie is now, he doesn’t want any other man to have her either. But soon after, a life-altering incident has Sophie looking at Rick, her buddy, in a whole new light. It's also clear, the man she’s falling in love with has fallen out of love with her, and it will be an uphill battle to prove to Rick she's still the woman he'd always thought her to be.

BOOK 5: BECOMING JESSE'S FATHER: When Adam Hansen discovers his ex-fiancée and a son he never knew he had hiding in an isolated cabin on his ranch in the middle of winter, and learns she's being hunted by her former husband, an ex-green beret, Adam vows to protect them, even though he has no intention of getting involved with Emily again. He's also trying to gain the love and trust of a three-year-old who fears and mistrusts men. But while he's safeguarding Emily and Jesse, Adam learns that Emily’s wanted in a non-custodial kidnapping to protect Jesse from a dangerous step-father, who's also Jesse's legal father, since Emily gave birth to Jesse while married to him. Still, Adam intends to protect them at all cost, even if it means going against his family, and the law, and taking Emily and Jesse into the mountains and beyond, if that's the only way to keep them safe.

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