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Dharma Mind Worldly Mind
A Buddhist Handbook on Complete Meditation


Aloka David Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright David Smith 2012

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Not an instructional book - more an inspiration! 4 March 2012

I got this book after being directed towards David Smith's first book, which documents his life in Buddhism, his studies, and ultimately where it left him now. This book is very different - I bought it thinking it would be quite instructional (why is it that instead of just plonking ourselves down on our cushion, we have to read, read, read to find out how!!) but it's really not that kind of book. It deals with many of the issues we face trying to move towards that ever illusive "enlightened mind", it's only a small short book, but it took me ages to read!! I kept just going back a couple of pages, then a couple more, trying to soak and re-soak up some of his messages. It's a little book that I'll read many many times over the years, I'm sure of that. I think it's so easy to get hung up on the "self help" style of Buddhism, spending more time reading than actually just practicing...... this book will change the way you approach your buddhist practice, for sure.
If you're looking for a step by step guide to enlightenment, this is not it. If you want to have your mind widened and expanded by the meaning and relevance of everything around you, this is it. Buddhism is for every second of every day, not just for that 30 minute sit in the morning. Read it! -
Mr I Baxter (UK)

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