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When Tom came down the aisle, there were jeers, boos and chanting of, “Tomato can, tomato can!”

After the opening bell, the two men charged each other and clashed in the center of the ring. Despite his unimpressive physique, Gallegos could really hit. He attacked Tom’s body with savage hooks to the stomach and a low blow the referee didn’t see.

Tom stood toe-to-toe and traded leather. The bloodbath had already begun and the crowd couldn’t be happier.

One of the reasons nobody wanted to fight Gallegos was that he was a small target and difficult to hit flush from angles that allowed any leverage on the punches.

Something else I noticed early was the fallacy of Kolodzei’s advice to drive Gallegos back. That meant Tom had to keep advancing. That negated the reach advantage of a tall fighter like Long Tom, allowing Gallegos to get inside. And that made it Gallegos’s fight.


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