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little white lies

This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All characters represented within are eighteen years of age or older and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This work is property of Raminar Dixon, please do not reproduce illegally.

An excerpt from the book:

It didn’t matter anyway. He was desperate to be inside her after all of her teasing and wrapped his hands around her body, clutching and grabbing, squeezing her soft tits and covering her neck with sucking kisses. Rianna did her best to appear more aroused than she was.

She sighed perfectly as his hands found the zipper on the back of her dress and pulled it all the way down to the top of her ass. His mouth found her cleavage and his hands went to his own clothing, peeling it off in an unbalanced, frenzied rush. The now naked man reached forward again and drove his fingers under her collapsing dress, rubbing her folds through the sheer panties she was wearing.

Rianna gasped and tried not to seem too affronted. She couldn’t deny the delightful tingle and the spreading sense of moistness that came with his touch, but this man was definitely not her type. Occasionally she would actually find herself extremely turned on by one of her more handsome marks and even consider just going along with the deal, but so far, she had relented.

Get on the bed,” Rianna instructed, and pushed the man backwards, sending him flat on his back into the cushiony mattress.

Yes, ma’am,” he agreed, with his face plastered into an expression of waiting desire.

Las Vegas.

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