Keep It in the Closet

Remmy Duchene

Copyright by Remmy Duchene 2012

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

The moment his eyes opened, Jason Higgins had a bad feeling about the day.

Jason made sure he had his extra power cord before placing his laptop into the carrying case. He checked for a few other things as well including his virus scanner – just in case—his brochure of all the graphics he had done previously and his always handy leather bound portfolio. He didn’t need the job since his parents had given him a trust fund he could now spend as he pleased but they had conditions added to it after he came out of the closet. They told him that if anyone in Bridgeport was ever to find out he was gay, they would take back every scent. He didn’t know if legally they could do that since it was then in his name but his parents were powerful people. They’d find a way. Shaking his head, Jason stood and slung the bag over his shoulder. He figured if his graphics business kept on going the way it was, in a year he wouldn’t need their money. He took pleasure in that thought – one day he would earn his freedom.

He placed a smile on his face and locked the door to his condo behind him before trotting to the elevator. He had been gay since high school. That was when he stopped fighting it and bent Roger Turner over one of the bleachers then slammed into him from behind. It was blissful. That night as the moon rose higher and higher into the sky, he rode Roger hard and fast grunting as though his heart would give out. Roger was screaming, yelling, begging for more. Finally he slammed in to the hilt and exploded hard inside Roger’s body. He pulled out once he was completely spent and staggered away, trying desperately to push his half aroused cock back into his pants. He was confused at the delicious feelings that surged through him. His toes had curled and his eyes rolled into his head.

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