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The Right Bitch

Published by Blue Hound Visions at Smashwords

Copyright © 2010 by Doranna Durgin

Cover texture source: Caleb Kimbrough

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously—and any resemblance to actual persons, business establishments, events, or locales is purely coincidental.

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The Author Note:
The three stories from the Right Bitch series are three of my favorites.**I got to play with hounds (my favorite!) and magic (my favorite!) and a slightly twisted sense of humor (my favorite!).

First published in The Chick is in the Mail of the popular anthology series edited by Esther Friesner, "The Right Bitch" takes Shiba's story a little further...from an entirely different point of view. Sabre, it might be said, sticks to his priorities. The story has had some spit-n-polish for this edition, and I hope it pleases!


The Right Bitch Story Series
A Bitch in Time
The Right Bitch
Bitch Bewitched

The Right Bitch
The Right Bitch series, #2


Sabre whooped with enthusiasm, barreling through the thick wood undergrowth, his nose full of magicsmell, his ears full of Taliya's distant encouragement—and his brain too hot on trail to think.  So hot he almost missed the answering trail cry to the south—a slightly clearer voice than his own and closing in fast.

It made no sense; he didn't care.  Not with his quarry so close, his sweaty, unwashed humansmell strong with forbidden magic.

But suddenly the trail doubled in both humansmell and magicsmell, and then Sabre understood after all.  Two spellrunners, joining forces, both being trailed.

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