The Harry Fingle Collection

Playing Harry

Assassination Continuum

Zero One


Electronic Crime in Muted Key

Murder He Forgot

Killing Sam Forever

The Wrong Menu

The Bloodied Black Heart


The Night I Met Me

Oh, What a Night!

Harry and His Unfinished Business

Three Mind Games

Love, Life, and Loss



Chapter One

Monroe Lidlington watched the dark, muddy-coloured coffee stain run down the wall in a vertical line until it hit the skirting board and dribbled, not so neatly, down its surface. A puddle formed, close to where the remains of a smashed cup lay in pieces on the floorboards. The old wooden chair creaked as he shifted his position from one side to the other. He remained still – with one leg outstretched, the other bent a little at the knee – and gazed at the visual manifestation of a marriage just shattered. He shrugged his shoulders, brought his legs together, and sat up. He joined his hands behind his head. He didn’t want to look behind the large, murky splodge, where the cup had smashed against the grey wall. He knew there’d be a hole in the plaster. He sighed, and dropped one hand onto his left thigh. He heard the clatter of his wife’s feet on the floorboards upstairs. ‘You’ve surpassed yourself, my dear. This time you’ve really screwed up,’ he said out loud.

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