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59 Hours

A Short Dark Thriller


Robert Schobernd

Published by Robert Schobernd at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Robert Schobernd

Cover Art by Robert Schobernd

And now settle back with a drink and a snack and enjoy,

59 Hours

Damn it's hot. I'm sweaty, dusty, and probably stink, but I should be almost there. That's got to be cousin Mikey's farm at the top of the next rise. Just one more damn hill to climb in this damn heat. This suitcase I'm lugging is too heavy. I shouldn't have packed so much, but I didn't want to leave anything behind. I can't go back, that's for damn sure.

The bottom of my foot will be black from the scraps of newspaper I put over the hole in the thin leather sole. Damned rocks have probably bruised my foot. it sure hurts like it's bruised. Should’ve stopped and put my work boots on a mile back.

Sure as hell hope he's home. Huh! Of course, he's home. Dirt farmers can't afford to leave even for a night. His run-down old farm buildings look worse than the ones I left except his barn is still standing, that’s the biggest thing I see different. Ain't much to look at. Just another rundown ole farm with the dirt turning to dust.

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