At a monthly meeting at work, Sarah learns that not only was she one of the most underperforming employees that month, she’s also going to be fired. Being called to Richard Walker’s office is basically a death sentence. Keeping his reputation, Richard does fire Sarah, but he offers her another job… one of his darkest desires needs to come to life. It is a desire that money really can’t buy and a desire only the right woman can fulfill. Richard Walker wants to breed Sarah, and for Sarah, what could be hotter than being bred by a billionaire?

His hands were folded, his thick fingers interlocked together, his dark eyes intent on her face.

She could sense him imagining about her, picturing how she looked naked, how she could and would move on his body, just how wild she could be… and, perhaps, how quiet she would keep things, under his request, of course.

She had plenty to say but she hadn’t been spoken to first, and she knew better than to start a conversation with him. Especially because they sat in his office.

Behind him was a wall-to-wall window covered by skinny dividers, creating the effect that he was flying. Maybe that was how he designed it, on purpose, to give that effect. To show anyone who dared to sit across from him that his age and wealth were one in the same, that nothing had been handed to him, and that he wasn’t afraid to take what he wanted.

She’d heard the rumors of his office and what happened in there. Calling upon someone who wasn’t at least executive status meant only one thing – firing.

“Can you stand up for me?” he asked with a calm, confident voice.

Her hands shook as she pushed from the chair. As she stood, she stepped forward, bumping into his desk. She mentally noted that her most private spot was just above his desk. She fought the need to think about him touching her but she couldn’t help it.

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