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Cesil The Christmas

Hating Badger

Cesil was a young 12 year old badger like all other badgers could walk on two feet, talk and do some lovely crochet work. He lived at home with his parents on a hollowed out tree that had a modern kitchen, two bedrooms one of which an en suite, a bathroom and a living room that quite worryingly had a log burning fire.

It was Christmas Eve and like any other 12 year old child he was very excited, he couldn't wait cos he knew he'd been a good boy all year round. He loved all the lights, the festivities but to be honest most of all he loved the presents so when his mum and dad (Mr and Mrs Chepton) told him to go to bed he did so straight away knowing that the sooner he slept the sooner it would be Christmas day (a known fact that time actually fast forwards when you sleep, that’s why when you get loads of sleep your still tired cos it doesn't make a difference). (Badgers also believe in the life and stylings of Jesus however they firmly believe that when he gave the masses one fish and one loaf of bread that it was clearly laced with LSD thus giving the people the illusion of fullness).

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