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Mudflat Magic Novels

Tyrant Trouble

Welcome to Mayhem, Baby

Barbarian Toy Boy

Spice and Sorcery

Goldilocks Hits Town

Beastly Week

Tyrant Trouble


Flattened against the wood fence, I smelled the alley dumpster odors and tried not to puke. Can’t do it silently. And if he heard me, he'd find me and then I would be dead meat, stinking a lot worse than the dumpster.

“Claire? Claire honey? I want to talk to you, Claire. That's all, just talk.”

Yeah, and right after we talk and I tell you no, I do not have the information you want, you slit my throat, right, fella? I'm not stupid. Oh, maybe I am or I wouldn't be hiding in an alley with the likes of Dork tracking me down. Okay, so his name isn't Dork, it's Darryl, but it might as well be Dork. Dork the cheat, Dork the con man, Dork the liar, or, if I go Goth, Dork the Destroyer, because that's sure what he wants to do to me.

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