RE: Inspiration; Titan

Part Two

By James Phillips

Copyright 2012 James Phillips

Smashwords Edition August, 2012

Cover art by S.M. Rameez

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I want to give extra thanks my good friend S.M. Rameez, not only for creating the cover art, but also for lending a hand in editing this story and helping make the Tel'atomic Pulse-Propulsion system seem somewhat plausible.

The dark haze that held his mind started to dissipate, the pain that had plagued him was gone and Jacobi Myles, Captain of the Outrunner, knew that death had beaten his will to live. Light blazed into existence from within the darkness and Jacobi was drawn to it.

Shortly after the arrival of the light, sound started to flow into the tunnel that led Jacobi to an unknown fate. The sounds were muddled voices, speaking unfamiliar words in a familiar tongue.

Beyond the strange voices speaking alien words, words that he knew but could not place, was the sound of mechanical whirs and digital beeps. Cool air caressed his skin as he drew nearer to the end of the tunnel. The black void called him once more, but it was weak this time and Jacobi turned from its pleading. Life or death, Jacobi had chosen his path and he would not change his mind.

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