He reached the end of the tunnel before he knew it and stumbled over the edge.

As he fell he could feel his conscious slip from him.

“This is it…” He thought, but those thoughts were lost as he fell.

All that remained of Jacobi’s mind was the blinding light and a terrifying silence.

Suddenly a voice broke through the awful silence. It was loud and clear and a rush of emotions flooded Jacobi’s previously blank mind.

“Captain, he’s waking up.” The voice was female, but not quite human. It sounded odd, almost synthesized.

Another voice quickly followed, it was another female. “He doesn’t look like he’s awake.” Sarcasm practically oozed from the words and if Jacobi would have been in control of his body he would have smiled.

“Just give him a minute, he’s still coming to.” Yet another voice retorted. This time the voice belonged to a male, he seemed annoyed by his female counterpart’s sarcastic quip.

Was he alive?

Jacobi’s eyes sprung open. Blinding light -much less brilliant than the light in his dream, but bright none-the-less- seared his retina and his eyes snapped shut. He tried again, this time slowly opening his eyes, allowing them to adapt to the brightness.

People surrounded the small bed that he was laid out on. An astonishing assortment of machines and gadgets, with a plethora of wires and tubes leading to his bed, sat to his right.

Above him, past the light that shone down on him, was the unmistakable metallic gray of the hull of a spacecraft.


Memories flooded back into his mind and a mixture of panic and adrenaline burst into existence. Jacobi shot up in his bed. The pain from earlier, while exponentially less painful than before, returned and a harsh cry escaped from him.

Every eye in the room -except for one pair that might never open again- turned to him.

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