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By Neha

Copyright 2012 Neha

Smashwords edition

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Dedicated to my Love Subodh

Scene: - Sarah is on her terrace.(She is a quite & yet a fun loving girl. All depends upon her mood. She is sensitive for the few people she has in her life. Her father died a few months back. Now she is leaving with her mom, A maid & her kitty whom she loved like her doll).

It was a beautiful day outside.

I smiled. In every story first day is always the perfect one.

“Whoa!!! Hey, be careful!” I alerted her. Pamela was giving my sweet little kitty a perfect bath for a perfect sunny day.

I inhaled deeply the fresh air, opening my arms wide as if to embrace the whole world. I can never get used to it. It always felt so new & that is how I wanted my life to be.

I planned to go for a drive. The view on terrace seemed so beautiful .I could see the long roads with almost no end, washed with rain. Lush green view of backyard **was as attractive as a new bride. I took a few moments to admire this scene before going out.

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