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Unforgettable! This book gives the pioneer spirit courage and the brave heart bravado.

Adrian Maher, filmmaker, Discovery Channel

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If you grew up hearing names like Tito, Mao, and Ceauşescu but really didn’t understand their significance, read this book!

Mark Skidmore, Paramount Pictures

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A remarkable account erasing a past, but not an identity. Thought-provoking, inspirational—and comforting.

Todd Greenfield, 20th Century Fox Studios

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This book is sure to find its place in memorial literature of the world.

Beatrice Ungar, editor-in-chief, Hermannstädter Zeitung

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Out of the Transylvania Night is a compelling and spell-binding story of a fiercely independent young woman growing up at the height of worldwide Communist power and then the rapid fall of the Iron Curtain. We must never forget what her story ultimately teaches ...

Sharrie Williams, author, The Maybelline Story—and the Spirited Family Dynasty behind It

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Under Communism, Aura’s family lost its fortune but kept their jewels. Under capitalism, she made a fortune and lost the jewels. And then lost the fortune as well. Such is the paradox found within the pages of this amazing and unforgettable story.

Lindy Hudis, producer, IMPACT Motion Pictures

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We all have much to learn about freedom; certainly anyone born without it will search until they find it. This is an incredible story about pain, strength, courage, defiance, and healing.

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