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Something About Mary

Mary Jergens took one last look around her living room before heading to answer the door. She’d given each guy a different time to show up, and Professor Brannon was just as punctual as ever. His glasses were pushed high on his nose, his usual grey suit wrinkled from a long day of teaching, but the gleam in his eyes when he stepped into her apartment for the first time was priceless. For three years they’d only been together in the confines of his office at the school, but tonight was special.

I can’t believe I’m here,” he murmured, looking appreciatively over the outfit Mary wore.

She had five other outfits to change into, but this one was especially for him. She turned so that he could see how short the little black pleated skirt actually was, bending slightly so that he got a good view of the pink panties she wore underneath.

Professor Brannon,” Mary smiled, tossing her blonde ponytail over her shoulder as she led the way into the kitchen. “I have chips, soda, popcorn, and beer if you’d like some…” she offered pointing to the counter where she’d spread the food.

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