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but the entire SF community.”

Strange Horizons


Editor Lavie Tidhar

When we first set out to put together and publish The Apex Book of World SF, none of us thought it would become quite what it became. Success is relative, of course—but we were in turns amazed and gratified as the anthology took off, receiving wide-spread exposure in the genre world, initiating conversation—even ending up on more than one university curriculum!

At the same time as the book came out, I launched the World SF Blog, initially intended to be a promotional tool for the anthology, but very quickly it took on a life of its own. The site now publishes a regular stream of articles, essays, interviews and even short fiction, all on a daily basis. Charles Tan joined to help me run it, and somehow, between blog and book, we seemed to have hit on a new wave of interest in, and enthusiasm for, the science fiction and fantasy coming from outside of the traditional Anglophone world of SF. Whether we helped create the wave, or merely rode the top of it, I can’t say—nor does it matter, as long as the wave is there and still going.

To my mind, though, what we are doing simply reflects a wider change in the SF world. In this volume, for instance, we have a story from Finnish author Hannu Rajaniemi, whose debut novel—written in English—has done tremendously well on publication. Here, too, is mega-star in the making Lauren Beukes from South Africa, whom I got the chance to see win the Arthur C. Clarke Award this year in London…

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