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Chances are though, that you’ve purchased this guide because none of the above situations applies to you. If that’s the case, perfect. This guide is for you and mostly everything in it will be valuable to you.

This is a quick and dirty guide to starting and running an online tea shop. Basically a “what I learned from my experiences” and “what I would do if I could start over again” kind of guide. My tea shop was growing quickly, but not quick enough. My career as a Digital Marketing professional took off much quicker than my tea business and I was forced to make a decision... keep running the business, or advance my career. The business couldn’t pay anywhere near a salary like I was making as a Digital Marketing Manager, so I stuck with my career for now. I still love tea, it’s still my passion and my hobby, but my career offered me the quickest path for saving for my future and for embarking on some international travels. I hope this guide helps you and pushes you to start the best tea company the world has seen yet.

Chapter 2: Ideas

It all began with an idea, a seemingly good idea— to start an online tea company.

Why starting an online tea business is a good idea:

  • Low overhead

  • No build-out or rent as opposed to a brick and mortar tea shop

  • Low risk

Why starting an online tea business is a bad idea:

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