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  • There is a ton of competition in the space already, what will differentiate you from the competition?

  • Tea is difficult to source directly yourself.

  • As with any other commodity, tea becomes cheaper the more you purchase, so when you start out and order small amounts you aren’t getting a great price.

    I’m not trying to sway you at all; I just want you to really think through your idea and to question yourself, as doing so will only help to strengthen your idea.

    I want you to dwell on the following questions, think about them every single day. Why? Because these questions will help you build a framework from which you can become a successful tea entrepreneur.

    What are the core ideas and values driving you?
    You need to have an answer to this question. So many people today are simply creating generic tea companies and “splitting the pie” making each person’s share of the pie (the pie being the money to be made in the tea industry at large) even smaller. Are you out to make a few bucks on the tea trend or are you truly passionate about tea?

    Is your product unique?
    Even if you haven’t yet started, you have undoubtedly picked out some teas that you wish to sell. Are they unique? What I mean is, are your teas truly exclusive? So many budding tea companies will buy from a tea importer/wholesaler. Imagine how many other tea companies are selling the exact same teas? If you plan to use an importer/wholesaler, what will differentiate you from the hundreds of other tea companies buying from the same company? If your products are indeed unique, i.e. you’ve gained exclusive access to a few teas, or you’ve developed a tea blend or flavor that is truly unique, you immediately have something that differentiates yourself from the rest of the competition.

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