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Before the Dawn

By Kristal Lim


Copyright 2012 Kristal Lim

Smashwords Edition


Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1

She found herself looking down at her feet. She was wearing what sort of looked like ballet slippers, except that they were a bit pointier at the end. She tried wriggling her toes and she felt the soft scratch of fine fabric against her skin. The shoes were covered with intricate-looking embroidery of multicolored threads and tiny jewels in a design that seemed completely chaotic at first glance, but then gradually revealed itself to be an incredibly detailed image of a flower garden filled with strange blooms. There were so many things that caught her attention about that garden while she looked at the slippers, and she could have stared at her feet for an eternity, admiring how pretty the slippers were, if a sudden sharp crack hadn’t distracted her.

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