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Come and Watch a Man Die!

Kyle B. Stiff

Published by Kyle B. Stiff at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Kyle B. Stiff

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They paid millions of dollars to take part in a ritual of human sacrifice

The walls of the gallery were filled with rows of high-definition television sets placed end to end all the way around. In the glow of the monitors stood huddled figures in fine suits, each and every one a great figure of finance, industry, or politics. Over here two men shook hands, over there two more exchanged words, and like a butterfly flapping its wings and creating a hurricane on the other side of the world, so too did the pronouncements and agreements of these men shape the world and the lives of others.

There was a stage on the far side of the gallery. Vidmar Links, the “cooking revolutionary”, sat motionless in a small chair. He wore coveralls plastered with advertisements and his hands were delicately placed on his knees. He was the subject of this night’s entertainment.

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