Excuses Time C Cretag Copyright ccretag hotmailcouk 2014 Published at Smashwords THUUUDDD! I staggered as the pavement below seemed to roll and tilt wildly. A masked heavy set man had inflicted an effective blow to my head with a wooden pole. He was laughing as he swung the baton through the air. With a cruel growl he raised the length of wood again for a second strike. Another villain had grabbed me from behind. His clasp was firm, ensuring the full force of the following blow would be felt. As this further THUUUDDD arrived, a wave of nausea and pain washed through my body, leaving me shivering in a cold sweat. The night breeze was cool, but the wounds felt warm on my skin. I spat out a mouthful of blood along with some fragments of teeth. Despite the nausea, I slowly turned to see three more shady characters in this hunting pack. One held an axe handle like a samurai sword. He looked the most nervous of the bunch, glancing constantly to the masked man for moral support and directions. Those thugs were right to be nervous, they were up against Secret Agent Jack Townsend. Although I was out-numbered five to one, they had no chance! With the grace of a ballerina, and the force of a tornado, I slipped from the meaty hands which were gripping me and spun around in the air. Anchoring my left hand round the neck of the masked man, revolving like a spinning-top, kicking like a mule, four rascals were felled on the first rotation. In the graceful pirouette, bones shattered and blood flew through the air. I stopped daydreaming and re-focused on the window my eyes had been staring through. The dreary reality of life involved being stuck uncomfortably on a noisy train to London, with the rain pounding the glass. At first it had been captivating seeing the rain drizzle down the window. Solitary droplets of rainwater were creeping down the window pane, sometimes drops would join together and run faster, and other times they would slow down as they left an exhausted trail of liquid behind them. Seeing the raindrops race each other down to the ledge had seemed fun, some hours ago, but now the excitement had begun to wane and pushed me into an imaginary world. For once though, these rambling dreams had the tiniest factual basis. I was travelling to an interview selection test for employment with the Government Agency MI5. Yes it was only advertised as a Data-Entry post, but surely it would not be long before they recognised raw talent and head-hunted me for more exotic assignments.
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