Interrogating the Dick Girl

By Pen Penguin

Copyright 2012 Pen Penguin

Smashwords Edition


Karn, the enemy's interrogator. Just hearing his name sends shivers through the most hardened of agents. They say once he's got someone in his grasps, he won't rest until his victim's reduced to a pitiful, babbling shell of their former selves. Spy work's gotten to be a lot more dangerous.

...At least, that's true for our male agents. As it turns out, there is one thing. One small quirk Karn has that we can take advantage of. See, Karn only operates on men. Guys with dicks and testicles. According to our female spies, he absolutely refuses to touch anyone that doesn't have a pair. Crazy, huh?

It was for that reason that I, agent Sharla was sent on this mission. Sharla's a code-name, of course. I'm to retrieve information on the torturer himself. Anything that I can find: appearance, real name, background, whatever. All we know is what we've garnered from when he interrogates someone, as that's the only time any of our people have ever seen him. He's six feet tall, lean, but not thin, and speaks in a muffled tone. He dresses in a full tuxedo outfit, with a blank white hood covering his entire head, and white silk gloves. No one's seen his real face, nor heard his real voice. He could be a robot for all we know. There's almost no information on him, except for what little we could find out from those who've been caught and returned to us. And even that might be suspect.

That's why this mission is so important. We can't fight without information. Heck, we're practically giving away information, what with how frequently our captured spies are revealing our secrets to them. This can't go on. We need to find out who this Karn character is, and take whatever steps are necessary.


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