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The Big Deal

Copyright 2005 Jamie Brindle
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He started by telling them how they would die. Sometimes, he thought that selling deaths was all his job really was.

It was always good to start with the death. That’s what the customer was invariably looking for. That’s what really sold them.

Having described how his client would die, Quince would then go on in a rather matter-of-fact way to explain other notable features of the life he was hawking: childhood joys and traumas (as well as any exceptional neurosis that would result from them), love affairs, major accidents, famous things they would achieve, and so on. He would then finish off by displaying a rather nice rendering depicting a trans-temporal image of the body to be inhabited, tilting in holographic increments through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and so on until after ninety degrees to old age and death.

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