Beyond the Horizon: Reflections of a Life-long Learner

Michael G. Redfearn

Copyright 2012 by Michael G. Redfearn

Smashwords Edition


Insidious Fun: Youth needs help to process messages - Dangerous Gifts: Beware of corporate gifts - Internet is really a Black Hole - Don’t forget Teachers – Seductive Technology: We have more than technology to fight against violence on TV - News the bleeds sells - Daily Seductions: The V-Chip doesn’t protect us from TV’s constant soft sell - Out of Class: Education more than 3 R’s - Senseless Violence is the offspring of freedom of choice over social responsibility – Gruesome release: now people can watch JFK be killed over and over again - We get the message - Who’s the boss? The media . . . or us? – Complicity - Kennedy Tragedy - No laughing matter - Resolve to make more Snow Angels - The Poor and Dispossessed need our help - Reality television isolates us from reality - Transforming tragedies into triumphs inspires our communities - Literacy test a good idea but poorly designed - New code of conduct in schools - Bill 74 blatantly fails democratic test - We risk becoming hollow men - Succeeding despite tough odds - Teachers should be free to teach - Front line health workers keep system alive - Assault deflects real problems in education - Grim face of poverty enriches student learning - We’ll miss the man in black - Provocative film has youth talking - Like political attack ads, film can backfire - NHL Lockout - Media savvy pope was a superstar - Film about evil may do some good - Step up to the ‘cyber-learning’ plate - Don’t rush to judgement about killer - Responsibility lagging behind trendy technology - IWB’s taking education giant step into the future - Media must shoulder blame for violence - New media hold opportunities for internet generation - Chinese use time-honored practice of image control - What would Jesus text?
It’s time to open schools to corporate deals

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