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The cargo runner Blade lumbered along toward Mars, and already, Captain Boras West had cleared their arrival with Martian Air Command.

Emily had known Captain West for the last five years, initially when they negotiated his docking fees and cargo routes between Lunara and Mercury. The Blade was an ugly chop model, made mostly out of wreckage from the Great War, a cross between Zephyrian passenger yacht and Aethpisian light cargo freighter.

However, what the outside lacked in style, the inside more than compensated for in luxury. The Zephyrian yacht section of the ship housed the cockpit and the lounge area, lined with the best fabrics and plush carpeting. The rear held the cargo bay, which currently housed Emily’s personal Asterfighter, given to her by her father on her eighteenth birthday.

After checking with Captain West in the cockpit, Emily returned to the lounge area and sat opposite former chancellor, Gwen Arwell.

“Why were you so sure Captain West wouldn’t turn you over?” the former chancellor asked, still continuing to doubt the captain.

“As I said, he has no love for the Alliance, and besides, he was once an MSA security trooper,” Emily replied. “His loyalties were clear at one time.”

“Security trooper.” The former chancellor’s eyes softened. “I thought they were hunted down and expelled when the MSA fell.”

“Not Boras West. He escaped to Saturn Station to work in the mines for years. They didn’t look too hard for him there. When he left Saturn Station, some ten years ago, the vengeance of those days was forgotten and Mars moved on.”

“How do you know he was a part of the troopers?”

“One day…well, after I knew him, Seth Smith recognized him from his days within the Zephyrian Tower…when he was with you.”

Gwen visibly noticed her pause.

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