However, the time I have spent as a stay at home dad has easily been harder, mentally, than any job I have ever had. If you want to get technical, it is physically challenging as well, because you do not get to clock out and go home, you are home and the clock never stops.

Still, as I type this, babies are being born to teens that do not have the mental or financial means to properly take care of themselves, let alone a baby.

In many cases, the baby will be neglected, orphaned, aborted or given to a relative to take care of.

Tragically, in some instances, the baby is killed.

All of this could be avoided if you would be responsible.

You cannot be intelligent enough to work a smart phone and dummy enough to not protect yourself.

Q. You know what doesn't change?

A. Horny teens
Please listen...

We cannot completely stop y'all from doing it, so I BEG you this, if you are going to do it, PROTECT YOURSELF!

Get some condoms...Be responsible with it!

I also must add that not using condoms for “Religious” reasons is complete insanity, unless you are trying to conceive. Risking life-ending disease or bringing unwanted babies into this world because a religious figure or church members do not agree with condoms is not a wise choice. IMO and belief. Unless the head of your church is going to help pay for the upbringing and baby sit on weekends, religion is not an excuse not to wear condoms.
Humanity has been fruitful and multiplied.

The rollercoaster ride that is a child can take you from being so stressed out that you either want to cry or you do cry to the polar opposite of thanking God for the miracle that is your child...

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