A Question of Dharma
108 Questions and Answers on Practising the Buddhist Path to Liberation


Aloka David Smith

Smashwords Edition

Copyright David Smith 2012

What others say about this book…

A practical guide to practising the dharma... This is a wonderful book, thanks both to the diversity and honesty of the questions posed by many people practising the Buddhist path, and to David Smith's clarity and evident wisdom in responding to them. Smith offers not just high-minded ideals, but practical advice grounded in genuine experience, and this makes his teaching all the more profound. This book provides down-to-earth guidance and inspiration, and is highly recommended. Clare Carlisle UK

A Question of Dharma (108 Questions) by David Smith…I found that this book goes right to the heart of what I am trying to do in my meditation practice, both 'on the cushion' and also particularly importantly, in everyday life. The authors answers are accessible and comprehensive, and have the ring of truth to them, the authenticity of someone who has 'walked the path before us'. I found this book extremely helpful and would certainly recommend it to anyone seriously practicing the Dharma. M. J. Holmes UK

A Penetrating Guide to following the Buddhist Path …I find it is very easy when treading the Buddhist path to get confused or lost. This book, like David's other two books, offers very clear direction and guidance through those complexities. I found it very useful and would highly recommend it to anyone following the Buddha's Way. Mr. James Ferguson UK

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