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Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons

“Fie! This flimsy tome is nothing but a bore. I found no mention of my own person between its vulgar pages.”

A Lady of Prominence

“I called out the Marquis of G. over this book. We dueled; I was vilely injured. As a result, there is a dire possibility I may not produce heirs. But it was all decidedly worth it!’

A Gentleman of the World

“Angels! Angels, by Jove! What a rare amusement! And genuine dragons in Bath? Why was I not informed of this?”

A Certain Regent

“A rather pleasant little trifle of a novel. Hardly an adequate travelogue of Bath. But a fair warning of its nightly terrors!”

A Lady of Fortune

“This volume stands as a cautionary tale to the young people of our fair isle. Disdain fashion and pursue fortune, but not treasure; and above all, stand clear of Bath and Brighton and its ducks!”

A Retired Admiral

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