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Chapter One: Wandering Steps Lead to a Twist

The Pyrius was certainly not the newest ship, she was no longer the fastest ship, she wasn't the biggest or the prettiest, but she was most certainly home for him and his small crew. There were a great many ships out there between the stars that were bigger, more glamorous, better protected, richer, but there were only a few that were faster. Nobuian corporation had been the first to bring a new class of deep space vehicles into being, and for nearly a hundred years they had been the best. Before they had mastered the tenets of faster than light travel, few ships made the endless eternal journey's between the far flung skies of distant worlds through the slim light between the stars. Most had been the massive and ludicrously expensive colony ships, fired out from the world that had given birth to humanity to crawl their way through the darkness carrying a cargo of humans locked in a dreamless sleep. For three centuries, this had been the only means of travel between far distant places and yet billions had still left their familiar homes for the chance at a different kind of life on a different and virtually unknown kind of world. There was perhaps no way for him to count how many of those vessels his great great grandparents and great grandparents had helped to build while trying to save up enough to buy passage on one of those vessels to give their children a chance at something 'better'. But it was certainly enough that a few decades after the 'revelation of hyperspace travel' had been revealed that his grandparents had just enough to buy a ship of their own as soon as one was available, one that wasn't already promised to the government or some corporation.

That was how his family had become one of the first and one of the oldest of the so called 'deep space clans', those families who had become the 'gypsies of the stars', seemingly destined to never set foot on a planet for longer than a few months at a time. For more than a century and a half his grandparents had wandered among the stars, some of the first to find and contact the descendants of those first colonists. They were some of the first to see the worlds where humanities' far flung vessels had come to the ends of their travels, and some of the first to lay the roots of the new interstellar community that began to form. Their travels carried them to many places and with many purposes as they raised scores of children inside their tiny ship and the home it had come to be. Some of those children followed their parents into space, some went on to start families on those far flung worlds, and some seemed lost to time and the dark of space. There had been vast profits to be made in those first days of a pioneering new frontier of interstellar commerce, and because of their ancestor's hard work, his grandparents had been able to provide their children with the means to follow their own dreams. By the time Timel had been a young man nearly ready to set his own course in life, separate from the life his parents had lead, there were hundreds of aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins spread across the stars all claiming some inheritance to his grandparent's legacy. It was through them and that network of contacts and business associates that he was able to obtain his own ship and set his own course. One of the last vessels built by the Nobuian corporation before the shifting tides of distant economies had broken up that corporate empire, and that ship was easily one of the best of that legacy.

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