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Fucked By Force:

Bound And Bred For The Billionaire Part 3

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Mandy hurried down through the thinly wooded park that led to the edge of the river. She was becoming increasingly nervous, it was ten of eight and already getting dark out. She knew she must be crazy to be walking out here alone at night, especially to meet with Brad. What would happen if Justin found out?

The entire afternoon at work she had been consumed with anxiety about meeting Brad. At first, she decided she would meet him and hear what he had to say. However as she watched he and Justin end their meeting, and caught Justin’s cold, calculating eyes surveying Brad as he left the office, she had second thoughts about the rendezvous. She was starting to care deeply for Justin and she knew he felt the same way, but deep down she had a feeling that Justin was not a man to cross.

When Justin had returned to the alcove after his business meeting with Brad, he was back to his normal moody and demanding self, which was a relief to Mandy. But Mandy was wise, and she knew that Justin had sensed something the night she mated with his pack. She and Brad had made a palpable connection that night, anyone there could've sensed it. Now that she was Justin's Property, she knew that he was even more watchful.

The rest of the afternoon at work passed by without incident. Mandy had almost made up her mind not to meet with Brad. Somehow she would find a way to explain to him, perhaps at the next party or "Property gangbang fest", whatever the men probably called it, it didn’t matter.

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