Taming Jenny

James Snow

Published by James Snow at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 James Snow

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Chapter One

Jenny, young, attractive, intelligent and above all untamable, or so she claimed. I’d met Jenny on the train home from work. She was sweet and fun to talk to. She took my mind off the hour long commute and added a little bit of fun into my otherwise dreary day. I remember our first meeting, how she’d sat down beside me on the crowded train and just began chatting to me as though I was some long lost friend. She won me over from the word go.

She was two years younger than me, an enthusiastic 23 year old go getter who was out seeking her fame and fortune. Her fiery red shoulder length hair framed her perfect little features. A cute button nose, decorated with nose stud, deep blue eyes and full red lips. She was 5”7, slim but with curves in all the right places and clothes that really showed those curves off. Too many times she’d worn a tight little t-shirt that clung to her generously sized breasts leaving little to my imagination. Some journeys home felt like agony, leaving me aching for her.

She knew I wanted her. She knew from the way I couldn’t take my eyes off her, from the erection I would attempt to hide behind my briefcase, so many ways she knew. I still remember the first time...

I was sat next to Jenny on the train home from work on a Friday evening. Once again she was teasing me about my profession, she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend their days working in an office managing a team. She looked great today, her little top once again left little to my imagination and the mini skirt she wore was more a belt than anything else.

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