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Best Suspense & Book of the Year! 2008

ReaderViews Reviewers Choice Awards

“Williams and Wyman have put together a first-rate suspense. They draw the reader in from the first page, and hold them with their vivid descriptions of ritualistic goings-on in this New York theater, even as Lee Fairchild is struggling to keep her dream afloat. This mystery is so character driven that it is easy to suspect any of the theater company...they all have something to hide. But it is Lee’s ultimate struggle with loneliness and an overloaded professional struggle that brings the story to its shocking climax. Don’t start this wonderful story if you have something else to do, because this fantastic plot will win the fight! A big thumbs up!!” --Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Butcher of Dreams is set in New York’s squalid Hell’s Kitchen. It’s 1985, and a fledgling theater company is trying to get through its first season without going bankrupt... or getting killed. Lee’s call to a temp agency has brought her Michael Day, a smooth-talking young man who insists he has plenty of money to buy her lavish gifts. Is Michael just infatuated, or is he unbalanced? With a whole troupe, there are plenty of suspects. Wyman has a radio and TV background, and Williams is an actress, so the backstage details have authority, and Lee’s story is effectively told.” --Barbara McIntyre, Akron-Beacon-Journal

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