How To Achieve Self-Fulfillment

Your Life Is Now, Not A Dress Rehearsal—You Are Here On Stage, Curtain Up!

Learn How To Get A Standing Ovation.

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Do you feel your life is not all you would like it to be? Would you like to know how to change your actions and emotions to bring fulfillment and prosperity into your life? Your brain stores information about experiences continuously from birth. It is certain that all your experiences are influencing your decisions and emotions today. Seeking change from books, tapes and videos etc. may have some minor input, but I find a lot of people only get an initial euphoric response to that data. Unfortunately, it dies out in a few days, and nothing changes. If you can identify an ongoing problem, I have described a method to overwrite the memory bank in the brain without knowing anything about what was causing the negative emotion. This will produce better responses in the future. It is all explained using a functional diagram of mental performance which shows the origin of emotions and actions, including speech. A significant set of examples is given. Some of them may be applicable to you, but the list is not exhaustive. You may have something different, but the principle of operation is universal, and you can build that standing ovation.

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