Mmm, yes,” Char gasped as she ran her foot along the back of her husband’s calf, biting her lip in anticipation as his hand scraped higher up her inner thigh, stopping just at the edge of her neon pink laced panties. Gazing sinisterly into her shimmering grey-burnt eyes, he draped the tips of his fingers over her soft inner flesh, licking his lips as she waited. “Wha…,” Char gasped, releasing her lips as she gazed almost pleadingly into her husband’s, throbbing, brown eyes, staring heatedly into his gaze; she knew what it was he wanted.

Please… Please Dante,” she gasped, only to see him shake his head deplorably back and forth, digging the tips of his nails into her soft, sensitive flesh as punishment.

Try… Try once more,” he growled darkly, his brows narrowing inward as his other hand trailed slowly up the taut flesh of her outer thigh.

Please… please Sir… my, my Master,” Char rasped, her voice soft and airless as she gazed back into her lovers eyes once more.

Good… good my subservient,” Dante gasped, smirking as his fingers crawled under her wet panties, his hand pushing further up her body as the tips of his fingers penetrated her. “Very… very good,” he hissed, hooking his fingers as he penetrated deeper into her wet, hot opening.

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